Abernathy, Joseph A
Joseph A. Abernathy

Vice-President, Stadium Operations for St. Louis Cardinals

Adams Jr., John L.
John L. Adams Jr.

Sr. Manager F15 Airframe Structures for The Boeing Company

Alfermann, Timothy
Timothy J. Alfermann

Electric Machine Release Engineering Manager, BorgWarner

Bassem F. Armaly

Curators' Professor of Mechanical Engineering, Missouri University of Science and Technology

Aselage, Jane
Jane Aselage

Manager of Body Engineering Interior Trim - North America & Global Core for Ford Motor Company

Auiler, James E.
James E. Auiler

Chief Engineer, Powertrain Control System Engineering (Retired) for Ford Motor Company

Art Baebler

Executive Vice President (Retired), Printing Industries of St. Louis

Baebler, Matthew
Matthew Baebler

Director – Energy and Green House Gas for Tesoro Refining & Marketing Company

Baer, David M.
David M. Baer

Senior Manager, MQ-25 Air Vehicle for The Boeing Company

Bailey, Keith E.
Keith E. Bailey

President, Chairman, and CEO (Retired) for The Williams Companies

Bill Barbier

Consulting Engineer, Brainworks LLC

Barnes, Craig A.
Craig A. Barnes

Executive Director, Technology Planning for Cummins Inc

Bass, Steven
Steve Bass

Enterprise Engineering MP&P Skill Captain for Boeing Research and Technology

Baumann, Richard D.
Richard D. Baumann

Executive Director of Strategic Growth Partners

George R. Baumgartner

Manager, Worldwide Vehicle Engineering Standards (Retired), Ford Motor Company

Beamer, Diane K.
Diane K. Beamer

President - Laura Christian & Company (retired) of Consulting and Management Services

Behan, Michael
Michael Behan

Managing Director of AHM Financial Group LLC

Behr, John
John Behr

VP, Store Planning, Construction & Maintenance for Schnuck Markets, Inc.

Leland Belew

Vice President (Retired), Propulsion and Space Systems, United Technologies Corporation

Bell, Dennis
Dennis L. Bell

President of Steelville Manufacturing Co.

Berg, David
David Berg

Regional Director (Retired) for Honeywell, Inc.

Berger, John
John M. Berger, P.E.

Owner - Energy Efficient Environmental Solutions

Berkel, A. James
A. James Berkel

Corporate Strategic Standardization Manager (Retired), Product Technical Consultant for Caterpillar, Inc.

Berthold, James K.
James K. Berthold

Chairman (Emeritus) for Sunnen Products Company

Bone, Mary Alice
Mary Alice Bone

Associate Professor II, University of South-Eastern Norway, Subject Matter Expert, NASA Consultant

Brase, Lawrence
Lawrence (Larry) O. Brase, Jr.

Technical Fellow, Structures Technology for The Boeing Company

Bray, Michael E.
Michael E. Bray

President and COO (Retired) of TNP Enterprises, Inc.

Breig, William F.
William F. Breig

Advanced Research Engineer at Dayco Technical Center

Brendle, Stephen J.
Stephen J. Brendle

Business Consultant for FleetTALK Mgmt Services

Brewer, David
David Brewer

Project Manager for Kozeny-Wagner, Inc.

Brinkmann, Darryl L.
Darryl L. Brinkmann

Retired, Caterpillar Inc.

Bucy, Jr.,Raymond W.
Raymond W. Bucy, Jr.

General Manager, Military Product Engines(Retired) for GE Aircraft Engines

Buescher, Alfred
Alfred J. Buescher

Senior Vice President (Retired), Environmental and Construction, Jacobs Engineering

Romuald Buescher

Founder, Chairman of the Board, Buescher Ditch & Associates

Bugg, Stephen F.
Stephen F. Bugg

Project Engineering Manager (Retired) for Anheuser-Busch Company

Busche, Gregory C.
Gregory C. Busche

Senior Manager, St. Louis Design Center for The Boeing Company

William M. Byrne

Technical Director, Aerospace Division, Raytheon Aircraft Corporation

Bytnar, Michael W.
Michael W. Bytnar

President (Retired) for Nooter Corporation

Kenneth L. Cage

Partner and Patent Attorney of McDermott, Will and Emery

Calandro, Michael B.
Michael B. Calandro

Eng Mgr, Flight Operations for Boeing Defense Systems

Campbell, Richard A.
Richard A. Campbell

Founder and President for Campbell Engineering, Inc.

Canfield, Gerald L.
Gerald "Jerry" L. Canfield

Chief Operating Officer and Chief Technology Officer for D&S Car Wash Equipment Company

Cargill, J. Scott
J. Scott Cargill

Chief Program Engineer, Boeing

Castle, James B.
James B. Castle

Associate Technical Fellow, On-site Research Leader – Missouri S&T for Boeing Research and Technology

Capone, Donald W.
Donald W. Capone

Vice President (Retired) for Ameren

Clark, Vinisha
Vinisha Clark

VP of Global Sales Solutioning and Operations - Client Solutions & Sales Operations for AT&T

Dean Clubb

President of Competitive Advantage Engineering

Copeland, Charles C.
Charles C. Copeland

President/CEO for Goldman Copeland Associates

Cordes, Glenn
Glenn E. Cordes

Engineer/Scientist (Retired) for The Boeing Company

Cordner, Matthew
Matthew Cordner

Associate Vice President, Principal A&D Business Architect, HCL Technologies

Crow, D. Ed
D. Ed Crow

Senior Vice President, Engineering, Pratt & Whitney Division for United Technologies Corporation

Cupples, Bryan
Bryan H. Cupples

Director Advanced Quality Systems for Bell Helicopter - Textron

Davidson, Patrick G.
Patrick G. Davidson

Patrick Davidson & Associates LLC

James P. DeLong

Senior Vice President, DeLong’s, Inc.

John T.
John T. DeRuntz

Operations Executive and Consultant

Dorf, Roger A.
Roger A. Dorf

VP Broadband Business Unit (Retired) for Cisco Systems

Dorr, Andrea C.
Andrea C. Dorr

Senior Vice President, Sekisui Aerospace

Duchardt, Douglas E.
Douglas E. Duchardt

Executive Vice President and General Manager for Hendrick Motorsports

Durand, Travis L.
Travis L. Durand

Director, Engineering, Boeing Military Aircraft for The Boeing Company

Donnell W. Dutton

Professor Emeritus of Georgia Institute of Technology

Dycus, James P.
James P. Dycus

Engineering Projects Manager (Retired) for Honeywell Federal Manufacturing & Technologies

Eash, John
John F. Eash

Executive Director of Corporate Relations for Missouri University of Science and Technology

Eck, Mark E.
Mark E. Eck

Retired - Chief Operating Officer of MidStates Petroleum

Edwards, W. Talion
W. Talion Edwards

Senior Technical Fellow – 3D Measurement, Boeing Research and Technology

Engelhardt, Bill
Bill Engelhardt

President and CEO (retired) for Total Valve Systems, Inc., D&B Machine Tool Company, Central Salvage, Inc.

Engler, Daniel G.
Daniel G. Engler

President and Chief Executive Officer of Graceland Fruit

Erutti, Glenn A.
Glenn A. Erutti

Program Manager, SLAM ER Cruise Missile Program for The Boeing Company

Evans, John M.
John Mike Evans

Director and Past Chairman of the Midcontinent ISO Board of Directors

Eversman, Walt
Walt Eversman

Curators’ Professor Emeritus for Missouri University of Science and Technology

Eugene C. Fadler

Manager, Safety Assurance (Retired), Ford Motor Company

Thomas R. Faucett

Professor Emeritus of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, University of Missouri-Rolla

Feltrop, Edward J.
Edward J. Feltrop

Manager, Aerodynamics Department for Textron Aviation, Inc.

Ferguson, Gary E.
Gary E. Ferguson

Vice President and Partner for B & V Construction, Inc.

Virgil Flanigan

Professor Emeritus, Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering and Engineering Mechanics Director, Center for Environmental S&T University of Missouri-Rolla

Fluchel, Donald G.
Donald G. Fluchel

Founder and Executive Vice President for Progressive Recovery, Inc.

Flye, Russell E.
Russell E. Flye, P.E.

Principal Mechanical Engineer for Washington River Protection Solutions (WRPS)

Foster, Randy C.
Randy C. Foster

Director-Product Technology for Dayco Products

Foresman, Michael R.
Michael R. Foresman

President (Retired) for Solutia Management Company, Inc.

Frank, Randy
Randy Frank

Global Front End and Underbody/CAE Manager for Ford Product Development - Body Exteriors and Stamping Engineering

Freeland, Robert D.
Robert D. Freeland

Chairman (Retired) for Havens Steel Company

Friend, James
James R. Friend

Professor, Center for Medical Devices and Instrumentation for Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, University of California, San Diego

Frigerio, Jacopo
Jacopo Frigerio

Retired, Lockheed Martin Space

Garrett, L. Wayne
L. Wayne Garrett

Chief Manufacturing Officer (Retired) for Harman International Industries, Inc.

Gayer, Evelyn L.
Evelyn L. Gayer

Engineering Manager for ITT Industries

Gegesky, P. Scott
P. Scott Gegesky

Director Powertrain Program Planning (Retired) for Ford Motor Company

George, Steven Craig
Steven Craig George

Chairman for Mid-Con Energy Partners

Gerding, Edward H.
Edward H. Gerding

Director of Engineering, Global Services & Support for The Boeing Company

Gilmore, Jerry L.
Jerry L. Gilmore

Business Development Director for Howard R. Green Co.

Glaeser, Scott A.
Scott A. Glaeser

Project Manager Pipelines, Burns & McDonnell

Greene, Thomas
Thomas L. Greene

Manager, Transmission Electronics, North American Engineering (Retired) for Ford Motor Company

Gresham, Thomas
Thomas Gresham

Wachovia Securities

Ronald L. Griesenauer

Assistant Professor, Management, Lindenwood University

Haas, Michael A.
Michael A. Haas

CEO for Orion Energy Group LLC

Hampton, John L.
John L. Hampton

Senior Manager, Military Seating Engineering and Testing for United Technologies Aerospace Systems

Hartwig, Laura E
Laura E. Hartwig

Chief Engineer, Honeywell FM&T

Haubein, Dennis
Dennis Haubein

Director, Advanced Manufacturing Engineering (Retired) for Hubbell Power Systems

Haug, Ed
Ed Haug

Carver Distinguished Professor Emeritus, The University of Iowa

Havens, Vance
Vance Havens

Electric Power Program Manager, Advanced Technology for United Technologies Aerospace Systems - Hamilton Sundstrand

Higbee, James
James M. Higbee

Founder and Co-Owner (Retired), Texas Auto Racing Resources, Inc.

Michael J. Higginbotham

President, Industrial Process Systems

Hinz, Gary
Gary A. Hinz

Director of Corporate Engineering (Retired), Albemarle Corporation

Hirner, Herman
Herman Hirner

Partner, Gateway Financial Resources

Hodges, John
John Hodges

Vice President (Retired), Owens-Illinois, Inc.

Hoffmann, Robert
Robert J. Hoffmann

Vice President & Co-Owner, Hoffmann Bros.

Holland, Gary
Gary R. Holland

Chairman, CEO, and President, Fargo Electronics

Houghton, Timothy
Timothy Houghton

President (Retired), Hutchison Foundry Products, Inc.

Jaggi, Dennis
Dennis F. Jaggi

Managing Partner & Founder, EnCap Flatrock Midstream

Janis, Richard
Richard R. Janis

President, William Tao Associates, Inc.

Jansky, Jon
Jon Jansky

Partner and CEO, D&S Carwash Equipment Company

Jaspering, Daniel
Daniel Jaspering

Director, Airborne Surveillance Programs (Retired), Boeing Defense Space and Security

Jatcko, Tony
Tony Jatcko

Semi-retired and Business Development Consulting

Jeffers, Andy
Andy Jeffers

Engineering Group Manager, Global Powertrain & Electrification Development, General Motors Corporation

Jenkins, Willard
G. Willard Jenkins

Iowa State Representative

Johnson, Richard
Richard J. Johnson

Director of Sales - Grid Systems, A123 Systems

Johnson, Rollie
Rollie R. Johnson

Founder, President, and CEO (Retired), Rollie Johnson, Inc.

Johnson, Ronald
Ronald Johnson

ExxonMobil Global Services (Retired)

Johnston, Andrew
Andrew P. Johnston

Director, Space Systems Department, Jacobs Engineering

Jordan, Richard
Richard F. Jordan

Co-Founder and Board Member (Retired), Paric Corporation

Jost, Jack
Jack L. Jost

Vice President, Engineering (Retired), Tropicana Products Company

Kalhorn, Gene
Gene E. Kalhorn

President and Owner, Performance Automation, Inc.

Kalin, Thomas
Thomas E. Kalin

Executive Partner (Retired) Managing Director/CEO, Black & Veatch Black & Veatch Power Asia

Keene, Christopher
Christopher W. Keene

President & CEO, Rangeland Energy, LLC

Kellerman, Greg
Greg Kellerman

Global Director, Verticalized Operations, Global Headquarters, ABInBev

Ketterer, Charles
Charles P. Ketterer

Vice President & General Manager, Emerson Hermetic Motor - Asia

Kettler, Gerald
Gerald Kettler

Founder, CEO, The Centre for Building Performance, LLC

Kochhar, Nand
Nand Kochhar

Chief Engineer, Product Development, Ford Motor Company

Koederitz, Kent
Chief Kent E. Koederitz

Deputy Fire Chief, West Point, Merck & Co., Inc.

Kostelnik, Robert
Robert Joseph Kostelnik

Vice President, CITGO Petroleum Corporation

Kozak, Eric M.
Eric M. Kozak

Vice-President, Gas Operations, Ameren Illinois

Kramp, Susan
Susan (Sue) Kramp

Associate Technical Fellow and BDS Technical Focal, Boeing Defense Space and Security

Kreikemeier, Kraig
Kraig G. Kreikemeier

President, Kreikemeier Group, LLC.

Krekeler, Gregory C.
Gregory C. Krekeler

Senior Director, Government Training Systems & Services, Boeing Global Services Engineering

Krishnaswamy, Prakash
Prakash Krishnaswamy

Founder and President, EASi Group, USA

Lasley, Alan
Alan L. Lasley

Retired Adjunct Assistant Professor, Southern Illinois University Carbondale, IL

Lambert, James
James E. Lambert

Senior Director, Engineering (retired), Anheuser Busch Company

Lankston, Robert
Robert R. Lankston

Managing Director, Aircraft Engineering and Technical Planning, FedEx Express

Lebert, Anthony
Anthony J. Lebert

Senior Design Lead – Aircraft Structures, The Boeing Company

Lee, Gerald
Gerald Lee

President, Gerald Lee and Associates

Leidy, Dale
Dale W. Leidy

Corporate Vice President and Technical Director (retired), Owens-Illinois, Inc.

Logel, William
William R. Logel, Jr.

President, Logel Enterprises, Inc.

Ludwig, Michael
Michael Ludwig

Sr. Manager - Test Programs Management, The Boeing Company

Maddox, Chris
Chris W. Maddox

Senior Program Structural Engineer, Boeing Defense Systems, The Boeing Company

Donald J. Mathews

Sales Manager (Retired), Jefferson Smurfit Corp.

McComas, Michael
Michael W. McComas

Vice President (Retired), Burns & McDonnell Engineering Company

McGovern, donald
Donald R. McGovern

Vice President and General Manager (retired), McDonnell Douglas Corporation

McKelvey, Ralph
Ralph McKelvey

Professor of the School of Technology at Kent State University

McMindes, David
David C. McMindes

Engineering Director & Chief Technology Officer, Honeywell Federal Manufacturing & Technologies

Mehta, Nick
Nick Mehta

Vice President of Engineering and Chief Technology Officer (retired), Zenith Electronics

Dawn J. Meyer

Senior Manager, Defense, Space and Security, The Boeing Company

Mike J. Meyer

Group Director of Brewing Engineering and Technology (Retired), Anheuser-Busch Companies, Inc.

Miles, Aaron
Aaron J. Miles

Dean of the School of Engineering, MIssouri School of Mines and Metallurgy

Michael J. Boots Miller

Executive Director, USAF Security Assistance Training

Miller, Norman
Norman R. Miller

Associate Professor of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Mills, John
John M. Mills

President, Metal Container Corporation, Division of A-B

Moenster, Barton
Dr. Barton "Bart" W. Moenster

Director - Boeing Research & Technology (retired), The Boeing Company

Moss, Steven
Steven L. Moss

President, Nooter/Eriksen Environmental Technologies

Mueller, Robert
Robert "Bob" J. Mueller

Vice President and General Manager (retired), General Dynamics

Murphy, James
James R. Murphy

Director, Major Accounts (retired), Accelrys Corporation

Navarro, Richard
Richard Alan Navarro

Director - Information Systems (retired), The Boeing Company

Nelson, Bradley M.
Bradley M. Nelson

Senior Test Program Manager, T-7 Redhawk, The Boeing Company

Niewald, Paul
Paul W. Niewald

Director/T-X Chief Engineer, Phantom Works, The Boeing Company

Obermann, Stuart
Stuart Obermann

Owner/Developer, Oak Bluff Development, LLC

Ochoa, Jorge
Jorge A. Ochoa, PhD., PE

Principal Engineer, Exponent, Inc.

Ochs, Calvin
Calvin Marvin Ochs

Manager of Engineering and Maintenance (retired), Chesebrough-Ponds USA

Oetting, Robert
Robert B. Oetting

Emeritus Professor of Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering, Missouri S&T

Orlofsky, Sy
Sy Orlofsky

President, Sy Orlofsky Energy Consulting

Owens, John M.
John M. Owens

President and Owner, Southwest Mill Supply Company

Park, John T.
John T. Park

Chancellor, UMR (retired)

Parks, Fred B.
Fred B. Parks

Chairman and CEO, Urologix, Inc.

Peachee, Ted
Ted Peachee

Executive Vice President (retired), Emerson

Pepper, Darrell
Dr. Darrell W. Pepper

Professor of Mechanical Engineering, Director, Nevada Center for Advanced Computational Methods, University of Nevada Las Vegas

Perry, Robert C.
Robert C. Perry

President (retired), PPG Industries Europe

Peterson, Ronald
Ronald A. Peterson

CEO and Chairman of the Board, Vernon L. Goedecke Company, Inc., and Goedecke Company Subsidiaries

Pitt, Dale
Dale M. Pitt

Technical Fellow, The Boeing Company

Pitts, John
John J. "Jeff" Pitts

General Manager, St. Louis Brewery, Anheuser-Busch Companies, Inc.

Plese, M Ellen
M. Ellen Plese

Program Director, United Launch Alliance

Pohlman, Roland
Roland "Bud" Pohlman

President, Component Machinery and Engineering

Powell, John
John P. Powell

President/General Manager, PAMCO Investments Corporation

Schumacher, Gary
Gary G. Schumacher

President, Schumacher Consulting

Ramakrishnan, Jayant
Jayant Ramakrishnan, PhD.

Chief Operating Officer, Bastion Technologies, Inc.

Reese, Jada
Jada D. Jenkins-Reese

Director, Human Resources, Express Scripts

Remington, Charles
Charles R. Remington

Professor Emeritus of Mechanical Engineering, Missouri S&T

Reuss, Lloyd
Lloyd E. Reuss

President (retired), General Motors Corporation

Ricketts, Bill
J. William "Bill" Ricketts

President (retired), EMCO Building Products

Rosner, Ronald
Ronald Rosner

Senior Managing Consultant, Ramboll

Salof, George
George Salof

President and Owner Salof Refrigeration Co., Inc. Acid Recovery System, Inc. & Kryopak, Inc. Co-Owner and Secretary/Treasurer River City Industrial Refrigeration, Inc.

Sauer, Harry
Dr. Harry J. Sauer, Jr.

Professor, Missouri S&T

Schaffart, Raymond
Raymond Schaffart

Vice President and General Manager (Retired), Chassis Systems Division, Visteon Automotive Systems

Schelin, Harold
Harold A. Schelin, Jr.

President and CEO, Roderick Arms and Tool Corporation

Schmidt, Charles
Charles E. "Ed" Schmidt, Jr.

President, Baron Aviation Services, Inc.

Schmidt, R. Mark
R. Mark Schmidt

Assistant Vice President, Short Line Development, Burlington Northern Santa Fe Corporation

Schneider, Jon
Jon C. Schneider

Corporate Programs Manager, Spire

Schoenbach, Ronald
Ronald A. Schoenbach

Managing Director, eAAM Driveline Systems AB

Schopfer, Carl
Carl A. Schopfer

Vice President, Engineering (Retired), AlliedSignal Engines

Seaman, Jeff
Jeffrey Seaman

Chief Program Engineer – P800, Ford Motor Company

Seaman, Robert
Robert L. Seaman

Founder and President, Synergen, Inc.

Sehl, Eugene
Eugene Sehl

Director, International Marketing (Retired), Olin Brass

Selvaraj, Sathiya K
Sathiya K. Selvaraj

Principal Staff Researcher, AI Group, LinkedIn

Sexton, Bradley
Bradley Sexton

Principal Engineer, Boeing Research & Technology (BR&T), The Boeing Company

Shelton, John F.
John F. Shelton

Director, Product Development (Retired), Ford Motor Company

Shildmyer, James
James Shildmeyer

General Manager Sales and Service - Midwest (Retired), Babcock and Wilcox Company

Shin, Mike E
Mike E Shin

Vice President of Supply Chain, Trinity Rail Industries

Sievert, O. Morris
O. Morris Sievert

President (Retired), Solar Turbines International

Spiegel, Thomas
Thomas J. Spiegel

Director of Integration & Support Engineering in Design & Manufacturing Function, The Boeing Company

Simmons, Fred
Fred "Art" Simmons

President, Eleison Composites, LLC

Simmons, Jeff
Jeff Simmons

President & General Manager, Oxy Permian CO2, Occidental Petroleum Corporation

Sinnett, Michael
Michael K. Sinnett

Vice President and General Manager, Product Development, The Boeing Company

Smith, Richard C.
Richard C. Smith

Manager, Research & Development, Corporate Planning, Ameren Services Company

Sombart, Lisa
Lisa J. Sombart, P.E.

Principal, St. Louis Team Leader, Mazzetti/William Tao & Associates, Inc.

Southmayd, Randy
Randy A. Southmayd

Principal Manager - Research & Technology, The Boeing Company

Spence, Anne M.
Anne M. Spence

Clinical Associate Professor and Assistant Chair of the Department of Mechanical Engineering, Baylor University

Spence, Dale
Dale A. Spence

Vice President Marketing and Asia Pacific, AFB International

Springer, Frederick
Frederick M. Springer

Vice President Mobil Diversified Business (Retired), Mobil Oil Corporation

Statkus, Frank
Frank D. Statkus

Vice President and General Manager, Advanced Technology, The Boeing Company

Steinhauser, Louis
Louis P. Steinhauser

Vice President New Product Development, Watlow Manufacturing Company

Steinhoff, Robert
Robert G. Steinhoff

Engineer Fellow, Honeywell Federal Manufacturing & Technologies, LLC

Stoecker, Wilbert
Wilbert Stoecker

Professor Emeritus of Mechanical Engineering, University of Illinois

Stripling, Gary
Gary Stripling

Engineering Fellow, L-3 Communications/Integrated Systems

Thies, Stephen
Stephen Thies

CEO, Integrated Biometrics

Thomas, Gary
Gary Thomas

Chancellor, University of Missouri - Rolla

Thomason, Chris
Chris A. Thomason

Vehicle Chief Engineer & Vehicle Line Director, Global Product Development, General Motors Co.

Thornburg, Jeff
Jeff Thornburg

President, Interstellar Technologies LLC

Toomey, John
John B. Toomey

Founder and Chairman of the Board, JBT Holding Corporation

Trippensee, Gary
Gary Trippensee

NASA Project Manager (Retired)

Tuggle, Lloyd
Lloyd Tuggle

Senior Vice President (Retired), Poulan/Weedeater

Uding, George
George E. Uding

President and COO (Retired), Medusa Corporation

Uthe, Ralph
Ralph John Uthe

Executive Director, Dimensional Engineering (Retired), General Motors Corporation

Vance, James
James Vance

Owner and CEO, JFV Associates

Vangilder, James
James N. Vangilder

Chairman and CEO, Havco Wood Products, Inc.

Vehige, Richard
Richard J. Vehige

President, Catholic Charities Archdiocese

Voss, Stephen
Stephen W. Voss, PE

Energy Division, Burns and McDonnell Engineering.

Wagner, Robert
Robert M. Wagner

Director, National Transportation Research Center, Oak Ridge National Laboratory

Breck R. Washam, PE

Vice President, Burns & McDonnell Engineering Company, Inc.

Wham, Thomas
Thomas Wham

Senior Vice President, Enterprise Process & Data Governance, MasterCard Worldwide

White, Scott
Scott R. White

Donald B. Willett Professor of Aerospace Engineering, University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign

Wiesehan, John
John Wiesehan, PE

Founder, President, and Chief Engineer, Protherm Corporation

Williams, Gregory
Gregory G. Williams

CEO, Totus Solutions, Inc.

Williams, Robert
Robert M. Williams, Jr.

President and CEO, Williams Patent Crusher & Pulverizer Co., Inc.

Williams, Ronald
Ronald Ray Williams

Vice President, Aerospace (Retired), Jacobs Engineering

Wojtkowski, Donald
Donald E. Wojtkowski

Executive Director, Design and Construction, SSM Health Care - St. Louis

Wood, Randall
Randall Wood

Staff Vice President, Leggett Business System Office, Leggett & Platt, Incorporated

Woodard, Ronald C.
Ronald C. Woodard

Co-Founder, Group President, and Owner (Retired), Roush Industries

Wright, Gordon
Gordon Wright

Principal, Welford Consulting, LLC

Yates, John A.
John A. Yates

Director of Engineering, Assembly and New Technology, LMI Aerospace, Inc.